The following files constitute the XTracks download and can be downloaded from Sweden: - standard edition with installer. - standard edition files only. - route builders extras.

Please note that you only need one of the files or and that you only need if building routes of your own.

In addition to the above files you might also be interested in the following utilites: - Horace, Zipper etc. - friction calculator.

The original XTracks distribution is also available in the file library at:

Search for the keywords 'xtracks' or 'okrasa' or the file name '' and you should be able to find it.
Mind you capitalization might be an issue at some sites.
It can be difficult at times to get in but keep trying and you will succeed.

More and more routes using XTracks are released and I get requests for making XTracks
available at other sites than the two above. I will post new versions to the above sites
only but will alove other sites to mirror those uploads provided you meet my conditions.
Please mail me about your intensions before making it available.

  • You must not alter the download in any way.
    Your offering should be the file or the xtracks.exe of the installer and/or the file for the plain files version as found on the above sites (and possibly the
  • You should clearly state that the latest version is available at the two sites above.
  • This site and my e-mail should be stated that users know where to turn with questions.
  • The forum at should also be stated as a place to turn for help.
  • I'm not going to notify you of new versions, you have to monitor my site or the above file libraries.
  • I prefer if you put XTracks on a page of it's own and not as any other file in your library.
    You can design the page to fit your site (language and look & feel) but the above conditions will be easier to meet.
  • Notify me that I can add your site to the list of mirror sites.
  • If you make a translation of the 'read me' I'm interested in adding it to future releases of XTracks.

These sites mirror the XTracks download and might be easier to access from your location: